Pop-up Supper Clubs


Preserve Indulgence is a start-up chef-driven experience in pop-up venues. Very much like a dinner party, you may bring your own beer or wine! Celebrating food and art as a whole, we gather at a communal table of 16 guests per night to taste the modern fare curated by Chef Cindy Fung. Our multi-course tasting will have a start and climaxing sensations to a sweet finish. You will be experiencing an ambience, story-telling and umami feels. We encourage mingling, clicks of forks and wine glasses for a good time. Let me also announce that we have an add-on 4 course cocktail flight option for an even better time!

Dining with us is intimate and exclusive to a small gathering of people.  We created Preserve to be a close-knit community where you can network and meet new people! You won't find our menu anywhere else because we've thoughtfully curated it for you. We work with high-end ingredients and use Canadian and local resources.  The face value of our dining experience will run you for $300 plus in many nice restaurants for maybe an aged steak and frites (side dishes all seperate!).  But at Preserve, not only we marinate, cure and preserved amazing local and fresh seasonal ingredients, we are able to give you an one-of-a-kind plate.  


Our menus do change quite often because we are inspired to learn and bring you new flavours.  We try to incorporate an eventful theme to our menu and celebrate life!  This menu is a limited time offer so hurry! 

To see available dates, first select the month, then your preferred date & reserve guests separately.