Supper Club

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Pop-up location will be announced 2 days prior to event.
Supper Club

Lush & Love Valentine's Day Special, Chef's Menu


yellow fin tuna, green apple, maple macaron, scallion 2 ways

“black caesar”
squid, smoked bone marrow vinaigrette, two kids of tomato, red beet, black sesame, romaine, st. agur crouton

“bloody #eggporn”
duck egg yolk, leek ash, truffle oil, rice pastry

lamb, prune jus, heirloom carrot, crown daisy, celeriac meringue

“i feel it coming“
shiso pear specification, pomegranate-lime basil sorbet

“i’ll give you my 16 oz” 
yellow beets, black garlic, edamame, charred miso broth, pea shoots

“love like 1, 2, 3”
rhubarb, brown butter custard, coconut cream, corn pops, chocolate shell